Manzanar National Historic Site 51st Annual Pilgrimage

The unfortunate events at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 are a regrettable memory in U. S. History and an onset to the U.S. participation in World War II. What followed after that was much more grim. Japanese persecution and xenophobia grew every day in the United States. By February of 1942, the U.S. presidentContinue reading “Manzanar National Historic Site 51st Annual Pilgrimage”

Who is Dian Fossey?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and I decided to read “Who Is Jane Goodall?”, by Roberta Edwards from the New York Times Best-Selling Who Was Series. Only two chapters in and I heard the name Dian Fossey for the very first time and decided to look her up. Ultimately, I was impressed with her accomplishmentsContinue reading “Who is Dian Fossey?”