COVID-19: My Health Diary

Traveling is a big part of my job. Since I work remote traveling is a means of connecting with coworkers, vendors and building relationships that otherwise are lost. Connecting with others is one of the most important things for me. I am a working mother with 2 children+2 pets, recently engaged, and back at schoolContinue reading “COVID-19: My Health Diary”

Sociology vs. Cultural Anthropology

Last semester I took an introductory class on cultural anthropology and this semester I am wrapping up my introductory class in sociology. As I near the end of the semester, I realize that the sociology class has been much more meaningful to me than the cultural anthropology class. Each week the discussions and videos supplementingContinue reading “Sociology vs. Cultural Anthropology”

Manzanar National Historic Site 51st Annual Pilgrimage

The unfortunate events at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 are a regrettable memory in U. S. History and an onset to the U.S. participation in World War II. What followed after that was much more grim. Japanese persecution and xenophobia grew every day in the United States. By February of 1942, the U.S. presidentContinue reading “Manzanar National Historic Site 51st Annual Pilgrimage”

Should Genetic Engineering in Humans be allowed in the United States?

The first unit of my Biological Anthropology course focused on Darwin, genetics, and evolution. During class this unit of learning proved to be controversial because of religious and personal beliefs that conflicted with science. Similarly, for our class research paper we had to select from one of three topics, and I was immediately attracted toContinue reading “Should Genetic Engineering in Humans be allowed in the United States?”

Census 2020: Race is Real

Applying for a job is stressful, the uncertainty of the process and financial pressures usually surrounding it exacerbate all emotions. Cumbersome job applications take us through the cliff notes of our life and present us with questions that we give little thought to day-to-day. As I turn the corner of 30, one of the mostContinue reading “Census 2020: Race is Real”

Anthropology Day 2020

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) says, “Anthropology Day is a day for anthropologists to celebrate our discipline while sharing it with the world around us.” An event is hosted every year on the 3rd Thursday in February, so students across the world can participate in activities that bring awareness and promote learning in the fieldContinue reading “Anthropology Day 2020”

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. Anthro- po- lo- gy says: 1. Anthro or Anthropo prefix comes from the Greek word meaning “human”. 2. -ology suffix that means the study of. Because the study of humans past and present is such a broad category, Anthropology has been divided into four fieldsContinue reading “What is Anthropology?”