About Us

What Are We Doing

Anthropology is the study of humanity, humans past and present. Something simple like learning about who we are is sometimes very difficult without the right resources. Anthropology For Us has three main objectives:

  1. Bringing awareness to the field of Anthropology
  2. Encouraging curiosity
  3. Teaching while having fun

As an anthropology student, I will pull from my personal experiences as well as take from the lessons and experiences in my classes and adapt them. Through research and experiments, this blog will have informative posts on well researched topics, current events and activities that can bring this fascinating field of study to students K-12 and non-anthropologist adults.

Why Are We Doing This

The study of humans is complex. Children and non-anthropologist adults trying to learn about the subject may find it challenging to read scholarly publications. Anthropology For Us breaks down vast amounts of data and complex concepts into simpler learning experiences, bringing the scientific community’s hard work to schools and communities around the world.

Who Are We

Anthropology enthusiast and friend – We are You. This blog was created by Vanessa Guenechea, undergraduate student at Arizona State University – Anthropology major.


The information provided by Anthropology For Us (A4U) is a service to the public. The information is provided on an “as is” basis and all statements and representations (other than fraudulent misrepresentation) warranties, terms, limitations, including any implied by statute, consumer law or otherwise, are hereby excluded to the maximum extent permissible by law. We are not obliged to update this website, but we may do so from time to time and we reserve the right to modify, restrict access or to close this website at any time.

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